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You do video ads? Using ViRA your brand or product will be
presented in a completely new dimension.

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What´s the real view rate of your ads?

Massive advertising pressure and descending attention span ot the viewer
lead to significant challanges to grab attention for the own products, brand or services.

  • Passive advertisement in passive environment. Low measurement options.

  • Social media networks with active advertisement in passive environment.

  • Social media networks with active advertisement in passive environment.

Switch to YouTube now!

youtube video ads

Increase efficiency on YouTube!

Especially with national or international YouTube campaigns, the efficiency of YouTube commercials can be increased by localizing the content.

With ViRA.central, your existing commercials can be easily adopted to thousands of cities and rolled out locally. With ViRA.central, maximally targeted video marketing campaigns can be exploited at lower cost, in the shortest possible time, with maximum efficiency.

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local ads on youtube

Advertising budget with leverage!

Do you sell your products and services through retailers? Use ViRA.local to increase your reach. Retailers now have the option of customizing brand commercials and then run them directly on YouTube.

They support your sales network withprofessional commercials and direct booking on YouTube. They now have t5he ability to run low cost commercials locally in their area which was prevously unaffordable.

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scalable video ads youtube

Performance Marketing with leverage!

Do you know your customers and want to deliver the right commercial at the right time?

ViRA.performance gives you the opportunity to run video ads on YouTube according to demand. As a result your customers only see the commercial that is really relevant for them. The video content adapts to the target group and thus to your targeting. This means budget efficiency in a new dimension.

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